#1 Cause of Back Stiffness During the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber-Monday everyone! For many people that one phrase can create massive amounts of stress,yet we are excited to see it arrive. The planning of the Thanksgiving dinner, the shopping for the food, preparing the food, and then the clean up of dinner creates fatigue. If we are lucky and have time we can sit down for a moment and maybe catch a football game. No too long though,because, Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving afternoon! Now we are working on a lack of sleep, fighting through crowds of people, and hoping to get those killer deals. We can be fighting crowds for hours, grabbing food on the run hoping not to miss a single deal. If that is not enough, we get Cyber-Monday!!!! More deals just waiting for us.Are you excited??

Yes the joys of the holiday season can be fun but can be very stressful and that stress can lead to severe low back fatigue. Bending up and down as you are shopping and preparing food fr the Thanksgiving feast will cause the quads and inner thighs to tighten. That tightening will cause the pelvis to tilt forward putting a kink in the small of your back. Don’t forget, you head is hanging over as you bend down which only adds to the pain in your spine from top to bottom. Usually after the dinner, we will sit for while to catch a football game which allows the quads and inner thighs to tighten even more. It is nice to get the chance to rest, but even the rest can be bad.

If you love shopping, my mom is a world class shopper, you have to hit the stores by Thursday evening so you don’t miss the deals. The stress of finding a parking space, while you are sitting, and then walking fast to get into the stores all contribute to tight quads and inner thighs along with a tight neck. Of course, you will have to carry your items that you bought or at least push a buggy that if filled with great stuff. Again, tightening your quads, inner thighs, and neck.

Don’t forget Cyber-Monday!!! Now we get to sit in front of our computer for hours searching for the deals on things we couldn’t find on Black Friday. As you can see this leads to tightened quads, inner thighs, and neck. For 4 days your body will be going through a boot camp and worse yet, most people wear the wrong shoes, eat terrible food, and are stressed to the max. The movement is bad enough on your body, but the stress of getting to one place and then another, hoping to find the best gift at the best price, and then will it fit in my car just fans the flames of a stiff back from your neck to your hips. Oh yeah, for those of you travelling for the holidays, that is just added stress. It is traditional for so many people, the key is understanding what is going on with your body, and then fixing it each day as you prepare for the next. it is a wonder that we just don’t pass out from stress and fatigue.

There are things you can do to prepare and survive through these 4 days. Begin with comfortable shoes. Ladies, please do not wear high heels or you will ruin everything I am about to tell you. Wear shoes that will cushion your feet and allow them to move freely and that does not mean flip flops for those of you in the south! Stay hydrated and I mean water.Sodas will dehydrate you even if you drink a case. If you don’t like the taste.add a slice of lemon. Be patient! The stress of rushing to catch deals causes every muscle in your body to tighten which will lead to back pain. Get as much sleep as you can. These are the basic things to do to avoid as much back stiffness as possible.

If you really want to avoid back stiffness this weekend, check out my videos on my YouTube channel , The Muscle Repair Shop. They are free and you can learn how to stretch your hips, quads, and inner thighs before, during, and after the weekend. Remember, you will have to go back to work next week. You can contact and see more videos on my website, www.musclerepairshop.com.