Are You Suffering from Knee Pain?

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Have you noticed that more and more people are having knee issues? Too many people are having their knees replaced, why? Some will say it is old age, others will relate it to an old injury. The truth of the matter is, some do happen due to a past injury, however, most happen due to poor mechanics throughout their lives. The shoes you wear, how you walk, other flexibility of your hips and ankles. I want to address each of these areas and help you better understand how this could happen to you. 


Let’s begin by saying the pain in your knee isn’t because you were born with a bad knee unless you had a birth defect. We are not just trying to stop the pain, as that is symptom-based thinking, but we want to solve the problem in what we do to create the problem. Once you change your thinking than seeing the why will become clearer.

How you walk is a real key in how knee pain you will endure. Have you ever seen a person walk and their legs seem bowlegged, but you remember they were not bowlegged when they were younger? Chances are this person walks on the outside of their feet. When a person walks on the outside of their feet, they will have a tendency to push their hips out on each stride and that causes the knee to get pushed out as well. This movement will shorten the inner thigh muscles which attach to the lower half of the knee and shorten the inner calf muscle which is attached to the upper half of the knee. Over the years this movement will cause the inside of the knee joint to be closer together than the outside. This will lead to arthritis, or rust, and cartilage damage that may lead to a knee replacement. If you think you are walking on the outside of your feet, walk barefoot in your house slowly. Feel how your feet contact the floor or you can look at the bottom of your shoes. if they are worn on the outside, that is a clear sign you do. That is better than Dr. Scholl’s machine. To change the habit, practice walking on the inside of your feet around your house until your feet start to contact the ground flatter.

Next your shoes. If you wear arch supports, they will shift your feet toward the outside edge. Do not pull them out and start walking without them. After the pain, you will not like me anymore. Stretch your calves first and soften your feet with your hands. You can get the calf and hip stretches on my website, Shoes contribute to knee pain by the heels being too high or too much arch support which prevents the ankle from bending through its full range of motion. This will cause shin splints and tight calves which will affect the knee joint. These types of shoes will affect the flexibility of the hips as well. When the ankle cannot bend completely, the hips cannot move through their full range of motion either. This causes the front of your thighs to shorten, hamstrings to shorten which again cause damage to your knees. 

 As you can see most knee pain has little to do with the knee and more to do with what we do every day. Learning how to protect your knees and can give you a lifetime of pain free living. If you already have some knee pain, these stretches can improve and maybe stop the pain too. Give it try or email me at and I will help you figure out what to do.


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