Knee Pain Hurts, Why??

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Have you noticed that more and more people are having knee issues? Ever notice how many people wear knee braces, give up walking/running, and are having knee replacements? Some people believe it is old age, while others will relate it to an old injury. The truth of the matter is, some knee pain is due to a past injury. However, most happen due to poor mechanics throughout their lives. Things like the shoes you wear, how you walk, flexibility of your hips, and ankles. I will address each of these areas and help you better understand how this could happen to you. 

   Why Your Knee Hurts

Understanding why and how your knee hurts will help in changing your mindset about knee pain. Let’s begin with, the pain in your knee isn’t because you were born with a bad knee unless you had a birth defect. It is not genetic. I know, your one or more of your family members may have had a bad knee, but again, that is a mechanical issue, not genetics. Knees will begin to hurt from muscle spasms, muscles overworked or being overweight. Your knees are like the axles on a truck. The weight you put on your knees, the more pressure that can damage the ligaments. Therefore, if you start a workout program to lose weight, start slow understanding that your body has to adjust to the new movements and stress. Anytime you are doing something physical that your body is not used to doing, the muscle can spasm causing pressure on the joint.

 How You Walk Can Cause Knee Pain

There are two major areas that can cause your knee to hurt. The way walk is a real key in how much knee pain you may endure. Some people tend to walk on the outside or inside of their feet. This is usually a calf issue. You have 4 major calf muscles. The inside and outside muscles control the foot laterally. Think supination/pronation. Some people walk in a heel to toe fashion. This cause by wearing shoes with heels, of any height. Others walk on their toes which signifies short calf muscles in the middle of the calf. The sad truth is, the calf stretches that we are taught in gyms and therapist sessions are not calf stretches, they are Achilles tendon stretches. Your ankle should bend to 110 to 120 degrees, yet most people struggle to get to 90 degrees.

The Shoes You Wear Can Cause Knee Pain

Shoes are a huge cause of knee pain. Wearing arch supports will shift your feet toward the outside edge because the supports prevent the arch muscle(plantar fascia) from extending to absorb the impact of your foot hitting the ground. However, do not pull them out and start walking without them as this can cause more pain. Practice first at home, walking a little distance at a time which will allow the arch muscle to move more freely.  Doctors will usually prescribe special shoes and orthotics to help relieve the pain. As a result, this does little to slow down the long term affects to your knees. Learn to stretch your calves correctly and then soften your feet with your hand or a golf ball. You can get the calf and hip stretches from my website,

  The Power to Prevent Knee Pain

You can stop your knee from hurting before needing a doctor, therefore reducing your risk of a serious injury. As you can see most knee pain has little to do with the knee and more to do with what we do every day. Learning how to protect your knees and can give you a lifetime of pain-free living. If you already have some knee pain, these stretches can improve and maybe stop the pain too. If you want to learn more check out these posts at or you can go to my YouTube Channel at



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