How to Prepare for Old Age?

How to prepare for old age. That is the question on most minds over 50. Recently I graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Aging Sciences. I went back to school as an older student to improve my knowledge of the aging process we all face. Aging Sciences studies how we age from 30 to death. The most important thing I learned was that we are not prepared for what we will face as we age. Being my fifties, I have some time to improve, but for younger people, they can actually prevent themselves from many of the ailments that older people face today.

Changing our Health Care System

Our health care system is a symptom-based system which means it focuses mainly on solving the ache or pain with little regard towards the cause. When older people suffer from arthritis, back pain, or joint pain, we can offer drugs, braces, or surgery as a means to stop the pain. What we should be looking at is our diet and lifestyle. We need to stop thinking of all older people as frail. I work with many people over 75 that are doing everything they want and you can too. You should expect everything to work, however, you must be taught how to prevent these things from happening. The sad truth is, most health care practitioners are not trained to teach you beyond just stopping the current pain.

Our Diet

We know that inflammation can lead to heart disease, but did you know it can lead to arthritis, joint stiffness, and even back stiffness. Too many people are consuming processed foods, mainly grain carbohydrates, that convert into simple sugars.  Grain carbohydrates are bread, pasta, rice, and processed foods. Vegetables are fiber carbohydrates and they are the good ones. These simple sugars can create inflammation throughout your body. Secondly, grain carbohydrates are a major portion of our diet. Our diets should have no more 10-15% grain carbohydrates. These grain carbohydrates can cause your body to burn sugars instead of fat which leads to obesity. Eating more fruits and vegetables of different kinds will help to reduce the need to burn glucose(sugar). Remember to take baby steps to build a habit. Bad eating is a habit just like good eating. Never go cold turkey and deprive yourself as this is a recipe to fail. In 1996, I weighed 315 lbs. Over the next 18 months, I lost 105 lbs. without ever going on a typical diet. All I did was to learn new habits. It is not easy, but you can do it!


Lifestyle changes like taking brisk walks every day, choosing the stairs versus the elevator, and learning to relax are keys to reducing stress which can cause inflammation in the body as well. This will require a change in mindset. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and bring your life back into calm. This can make you more productive and efficient. Little changes daily to your lifestyle will build a lifetime of good habits without too much pain. Losing 105 lbs., began by walking around my 1 bedroom apartment because I did not have the energy to walk around my building. That is where I started. to learn more go to


These are small changes you can do every day. The younger you start, the quicker results you will have. In fact, many of the ailments older people suffer from today would simply be eliminated with these changes. This blog will continue to break down the choices you have so you can easily transition your life into a more healthy and fulfilling life. Please leave any comment you may have or suggestions as we will delve into aging from birth to death and how to prepare yourself for the aging process no matter where you are starting from. To learn more go to

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