How to be More Flexible Over 50

How to be more flexible over 50. That has been my personal quest. It is funny how we teach each other that aging has to be a terrible thing. I remember before I  turned 50, my friends started to tease me about how bad I would feel from that point on. They made it sound so bad I thought, for a second, why on earth would I want to live to be over 50. I mean on that magical day will I stop feeling pain-free and start living a life full of pain.

On my 50th birthday, laughingly, and I asked my friends, “I have been waiting all day when does the pain start? ” Their reply was, “Just wait until you turn 55, that is when it will happen.” On my 55th birthday, again I laughed, and asked, “Okay, I am 55 when does the pain start?” Then my friends said, “Just wait until you hit 60.” Today, I am 60 and I still feel no pain. To read more go to

Then it hit me, are people just waiting for the pain to come? I thought how silly for anyone to that. Yet everyone I knew seemed to do just that! I decided right there I was not doing it. At 60, I feel better than I did at 40, no lie! Here are some of the thing I do in my life to be more flexible over 50:

1- I eat a diet low in grain carbohydrates to lower inflammation.

2- I stretch several times a day for 3-10 minutes at a time. see my videos of me explaining how I do these things at

3- I meditate every morning with my wife.

4- I focus on reducing stress in my life

5-I stay active to maintain my strength and stamina

These are just the things I do, your list may vary. The important part is lowering inflammation, increase range of motion, and maintain a stress-free life. Inflammation and stress can lead to heart disease and stroke. For more information go to


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