What everyone ought to know about muscles!

It is amazing how much we know about getting our muscles stronger, bigger, and faster. It is even more amazing how little we know about how our muscles interact with our bones and nerves. We all know someone who has had a joint replacement, back surgery, Rotator cuff surgery, or carpal tunnel surgery, maybe you have had one of these procedures. The typical reason for joint replacement is it is bone on bone, backs are bulging disc, Rotator cuff tear, and of course, carpal tunnel is the numbness in your hands. We teach our medical practitioners how to stop the immediate pain, but we fail to teach how to ask better questions about how you got there

Of the injuries I listed above, carpal tunnel is the only one that is explained as overuse, but we don’t really understand how to help people change what they do. The truth of the matter is, they are all from overuse. Your joints don’t just breakdown overnight. Your disc didn’t bulge instantly without a trauma. Rotator Cuffs don’t just tear without a trauma either. The way you walk, the shoes you wear, your strength, and your flexibility, play a key role. Many things we have been told throughout our lives have led us to these injuries, because at the time we just didn’t know any different.

Flexibility is the most foreign part of why our bodies breakdown, because no one has ever given it a lot of thought. However, your flexibility will determine how well you age. Even in the stretching arena, the lack of knowledge about how to actually stretch your body is amazing. Your muscles are more emotional than physical. In fact, until you can release the emotions held in your muscles, it will be very difficult to release your muscles physically. Most people hold stretches too long, pull too hard, and are actually doing strength training disguised as stretching. Most people will do strength training thinking the pain will stop if they get stronger, but that can be a mistake too. Strength training will actually tighten your muscles making your body hard and more inflexible. If our bodies are 70% water, then when we have a hard body, we are actually an ice cube with legs. Not a healthy place to be.

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My videos will go a little in depth to explain how to really stretch your muscles. It just may surprise you.

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