Sciatica, the most misdiagnosed ailment!

Sciatica, or sciatic pain, is one of the most misdiagnosed ailments we have.. Anytime someone has a pain running down their leg, everyone assumes it is sciatica and their doctor can make the wrong assumption too. Actual Sciatica is caused by a  pinching of the vertebrae in the low spine and herein lies our first mistake. Most people don’t really have sciatica, there are muscles on the front of their legs that is tilting their pelvis forward causing a kink in the low back. Or the inner thighs can be tight causing the muscles on the outside of the leg to be painful all the way to the foot. These mimic sciatica and it is easy to see how misdiagnosis can happen.

In order to stop the sciatic pain, there are several things that can cause the pain to run down your leg. If the pain is on the outside of the leg and running down your leg it could be an outside band called the( IT) Illiotibialtrack band which runs from the hip joint to the lower half of the knee. Above it is the( TFL), Tensor Fascia Latta, which runs from the hip joint up to the top of the pelvis. Below the knee are the 3 Peroneus muscles that run from the knee to the toes. These muscles can become tight because of tight inner thighs. Anyone one, two, or three of these can cause pain running down the outside of the leg. Read this article

Traditional Treatments

Typical treatments can include pills, braces, injections, and even surgery. These treatments are just to stop the pain for the moment. Unfortunately, by stopping the pain momentarily, you may run the risk of more permanent injuries down the road that could slow your life down. By the time I see my clients they are usually frustrated and hopeless, thinking it will never end.

How to Solve the Pain

The sciatic pain can be stopped in a few days to a couple of weeks with a yoga strap and your hands.  Sitting in a chair, cross one leg and use your thumbs to gently press into your inner thigh. It may be painful at first. if so, press hard enough that you feel, but can still breathe out. Hold it for 5-10 seconds until the pain subsides. then move to the next spot. Once you are finished, place your hand on the knee of the bent leg and gently press down, breathe out, and allow the leg to lay flat. Check out the medial hip thigh stretch here

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