Are you Losing your Grip?

Are you losing your grip and no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to improve? Think it is just because you are older? Do you think something is wrong or are you trying to increase the strength in your hands with little to no improvement? Many people over 40 are frustrated and have come to see me after trying everything. The secret is, it may not be a strength issue. Instead, it could be a tightness issue in your forearm. This tightness can make you feel weak and when you express your thoughts about it, most therapists and trainers will start strength training plans to help you. For the short term, it may help, but in the long term, it can have a detrimental effect. For more information go to

How to Strength Train your Hands

Losing your grip can be caused by weak muscles in the hand. If that is what is happening then strength training your hands is very easy. Take a rubber band and wrap it around each finger and thumb. Practice spreading your fingers in all directions until they fatigue. rest for 2 minutes and then do it again. You can also take a tennis ball and practice squeezing it. Hold each squeeze as long as you can. As you are holding, count until your hand lets go, then try to beat that time when you practice again. These you can do anytime and anywhere which makes them perfect for the busy person. If you go to a gym, you can use grip machines and dumbbells to strengthen your hands and forearms. Never forget, that when you strengthen any muscles you will make them tighter. This tightness can work against you. Think of a bodybuilder that is too stiff to move.

Other Causes for Weakness

Losing your grip can be caused by other factors. Some times the weakness can come from your forearm or hand muscles being too tight. You do this one at the office, sitting in meetings, or hanging with friends. Place the palms of your hands together with each finger and thumb mirroring the opposite hand. Now use the right hand to press down on the left hand to make the left wrist bend backward, Hold for 5 seconds and reverse to stretch the right wrist. You can do these 10 times each way. Next, take the left thumb and index finger and place them against the right thumb and index finger. Squeeze just hard enough to feel the stretch in the area between the thumb and index fingers on both hands., breathe out, and let the muscle relax. Too hard and you cannot breathe out.   Then move to rub between the bones of the fingers to soften the entire hand. Make sure you do both hands and not just the one that hurts. By softening the hands, it allows the muscles to work which will improve your grip.

What to do for Tight Forearms

  Losing your grip can be caused by tight forearm muscles.  Using your hands to grip things like weights, tools, steering wheel, or anything that requires you to grip and hold can cause the forearms to tighten. To soften the forearm muscles, take the opposite hand to the forearm you intend to work. Start at the elbow and start squeezing gently, feeling for places that are sore. When you find one, maintain the pressure, do not increase pressure, and breathe out until the muscle relaxes. Continue to work up and down the arm, inside and out to hit every muscle in your forearm. Keep in mind there are 26 muscles from your elbow to the tip of your fingers that make the hand work.

Additional Help

There are free videos of some of these stretches on my YouTube Channel at you have any questions you can contact me at To learn more go to

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