5 Steps to Age Better

Aging is a funny thing! Some people seem much older than they actually are and others seem younger than they are. Why does this happen and can I be younger than my actual age? Is there a formula, I can follow? Since we all have very different bodies, nothing is guaranteed. However, with the right mindset, you could be living much younger than your age. I have put together 5 things that people over the age of 8-0 have shared with me aging younger.

Step 1: Your Mindset

Aging better begins with the mindset as your mindset will determine how successful you will be in the other 4 steps. We have all heard that thought become things, right? Well if you believe in what you are doing, chances are you will get what you want. Picture in your mind what your body would look like, feel like, and the joy you would have if you are living a life that is 15-20 years younger than your age. Before you can do anything, you must dream it first.


Step 2: You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat. Diet is the fuel that makes the engine go. Imagine being given a new Ferrari and you know this is a well-built car. However, every time you fill it up with gas, you choose gas that is half water because it is cheap and convenient to get. Yet, so many people buy food with little regard for quality. It is more about quantity for the least amount of money. Eating more vegetables and fruits are great for you by giving vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates. The meat will give you the protein you need. Therefore, eating less bread, pasta, rice, and grains of any kind will reduce the amount of sugar(glucose) in your blood. These will help in reducing your sugar levels in your body and body fat.

Step 3: Get Moving

Sitting is the new cigarette smoking. MOvement prevents your body from rusting up.Exercise is the engine in your body. You can age better without the proper strength and stamina, your body will be tired and lethargic every day. Maintaining good strength and stamina is great for your heart and bones, but did you know that good strength and stamina will increase your energy mentally and physically. You will find improve the ability to mentally perform at a high level at work and school because you are improving the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream which keeps the brain strong. Here is a great way to start, https://stretchnrelease.com/2020/03/24/get-great-stress-release-with-a-tennis-ball/

Step 4: Flexibility for Less Joint Pain

Flexibility is the key to allow the whole body better movement which includes joints, discs, blood system, nervous system, and lymphatic system.  You can age better when you can move like you did 20 years. The sad part is that very few people actually stretch correctly and that includes Physical Therapists. We have all been taught by coaches, teachers, and therapists to hold stretches too long and pull too hard. What most of us do for stretching is actually strength training. Throughout the year I will look at different parts of the body and helping you better understand why you have pain, then how to stop that pain without pills, braces, or injections.

Step 5: Know Your Purpose, Regardless of Your Age

Your purpose is why you do what you do. Every older person that ages better I have spoken with always has a purpose. The idea of retiring and just playing golf or tennis is not enough for them. Some start businesses, farms, or non-profits even in their late eighties. They never stop learning either. It is amazing to hear a person 85+ talk about the things they are learning on the internet. Nothing seems to stop them.

Conclusion: Putting It All Together

Go back to mindset. Mindset means thinking about life as if you had 50 more years to live, love, and enjoy life. What if you knew you would live to be 150 years old and be healthy? How would your mindset change about what you are doing today?  If the mindset is that you are too old to change or maybe too late to change, then the chances of you changing the way you eat, exercise, and stretch will not happen. As for Purpose, well you could be just waiting to die and where is the fun in that?

No one knows how long of us will have to live so why not live each day to the fullest. Setting your mindset that you 50 more years left and then setting a purpose in your life will get you to think more about what you eat, how you exercise and maintain the flexibility to accomplish the purpose you are driven to do. To learn more about aging better, go to https://www.musclerepairshop.com

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