Stretch n' Release Technique

More than 80% of Americans will suffer from chronic pain during their life.  You may be frustrated with all the different treatment plans and gadgets that promise to reduce, or at least reduce the pain, but only for the short term. There are specific reasons why they only work for the short term.

Why can’t I stop my pain?

When we are suffering from any kind of pain we naturally focus on the pain which is the symptom. If it is a trauma like falling down or bumping your leg, the cause is easy to see. With chronic pain, the cause is not so obvious. Most chronic pain comes from years of bad posture, bad gait, constantly overworking the body, or feeding the body poorly. How you stand, walk, sit, and lift things are create joint or back pain. What you eat can create inflammation in those joints or back that will increase the pain. If you only treat the symptom with medication, injections, surgeries, or a gadget, you are doomed to be disappointed in the long term. The reason is simple! Chronic pain has an emotional side and a physical side. The physical side is obvious, however the emotional which can be more powerful is not. If you have suffered for weeks to years with chronic pain, your brain will anticipate the pain every time you begin to make a move that may cause pain. When this happens, the brain tightens the muscles around the painful area which may lead to more pain.

 What can I do to help myself?

You have the power to stop your own pain, but first, you must have the correct knowledge. Most chronic pain like joint, back, hand, or foot pain  is about the relationship between your muscles and your bones. Learning that the muscles are the only thing in your body that can compress anything in your body is the first step. Bones don’t compress and damage discs, nerves, or joints without muscles doing the compression. Think of a quadriplegic, They have all the bones we have, yet without the ability to use their muscles, they cannot even sit up. Next learning that your brain controls your muscles 100% of the time is the key to releasing your tight muscles and freeing your joints, nerves, and discs.  With my Stretch n’ Release Technique you will learn that traditional stretching applies too much pressure and holds the stretch too long because the brain is excluded in the process. My Stretch n’ Release Technique has freed me from years of pain and it is simple to use with nothing more than a yoga strap and tennis ball. You can do it anywhere and anytime you want. You have the power to stop your pain!

Why should you listen to me?

I was  a chronic back pain sufferer. 16 years ago I suffered from low back pain for nearly a year. Like you, I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Then one of my mentors suggested that with my muscle knowledge, that I should figure it out on my own. I have been pain-free for 15 years. I am a licensed massage therapist with an Aging Sciences degree which allowed me to study the human body as it ages from 30 to death. I am also in my late fifties and live pain-free. I have helped people reduce and even stop their pain for the last 15 years.

In this blog, we will look at various types of chronic pain, the importance of stretching, and things you can do to help yourself. If you are motivated to help yourself, then this blog will be right for you. Welcome aboard!

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