This Technique Changed my Life

Butch’s unique modality of stretch and massage changed my life.  I began seeing him at the recommendation of another woman in my line of work, court reporting, which is very repetitive and strenuous. I had ongoing back issues since childhood and had tried so many different modalities across the board. Even with back issues, I had many years of ballet and also jogged, lifted weights, and did yoga on an intermediate to advanced level before really tweaking my back further one too many times. Being out of commission, literally not being able to work, I slowly recovered, but to a much stiffer and weaker middle-aged woman. On top of this, over the years due to my work duties, my legs became stiffer and stiffer with all the sitting or driving we do at work.  At first I was not convinced Butch could help and was very guarded against further injury.  That changed with trust.  Even with the hour-and-a-half drive, I went once a month for year or twice a week when I had flare-ups. With his video and manual, I learned how to stretch at home.  This warms your muscles up for the day.  Butch is definitely the one who finally, slowly tipped the scale forward to a more pain-free life for me.  Currently, I only get Butch’s treatments two to three times a year.  For me, Butch changed my life from feeling stiff and weak, to a strong and more limber middle-aged woman. Lynne W.