Why Lawn Work is Not Good for You!

For those of us you own a home, lawn work is a necessary evil of keeping our homes beautiful. I sometimes envy my friends that live in condos. The summer, we stayed in a condo while our house was being re-modeled and it was so nice to hear lawn mowers running, weed eaters running, and I didn’t have to do anything. I could just sit in a chair with my water and watch these people sweating in the hot sun. I could get used to this, I thought. Then my wife, Susan, reminded me that our yard was waiting for me when we visited our house. With all the rain we had this summer, around 36 inches, our plants and grass grew like they were on steroids. I just couldn’t keep up. Now that we are back at home full time, I can tackle each section like the pool deck that needed power washing, pool floor that needed acid cleaning, grass that had to be mowed, and next on my list are the trees and bushes that are out of control! It’s funny how Susan always feels bad for me and lamenting at night about what I have to do the next day. I guess somebody needs to feel bad for me, because I don’t. That is why she is my best friend.

Any one of those chores could put a person down for days with back pain or neck and shoulder pain, but as I have said to you, I prepare myself before I start. Day one, trimming 2 rows of hedges with a gas hedge trimmer. Seeing how the hedged trimmer is heavy due to the motor attached, it will take a little more preparation than usual. I liked the gas hedge trimmer is awesome when you start because it is very powerful, but by the time you have used it for an hour, it weighs a ton. My preparation includes, stretching my calves, hamstrings, and quads first as I will be leaning a lot, especially with the extra weight of the trimmer. My abs, chest, biceps, and forearms will tighten so I have to stretch those too. I start out with a 15 minute stretch, then stop every 45 minutes to stretch my chest and forearms the most mingling in my hamstrings and quads. At the end of the day, I do a full stretch for another 15-20 minutes to unlock all those muscles before I go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow.

It’s Saturday and I am power washing the pool deck to remove the black mold off the deck. I have to get the washer which means I have to pick it up and put it in my car. This thing is heavy. I am using my quads, hamstrings, calves, and abs to get it off the ground. then I use my chest, shoulder, biceps, and forearms to to control it. That is just to get it home. Once home, I have to take it out of the car which means I am doing this all over again to take ti back later today. Once I get it set up the work begins. Physically it is not hard except that I am leaning all day with a slight twist in my torso. My obliques in my abs will be affected, squeezing the triggger on the gun means my forearms will tighten, and the leaning over will tighten my calves. Similar stretching routine as with hedge trimming and I have to be sure to do the full stretch at the end of the day after I put all the furniture back. Then I go to sleep and prepare for Sunday.

It’s Sunday, which means football!!!, Ah NO! It means acid washing the pool floor and mowing the grass. Are you tired yet? My wife just couldn’t believe I wasn’t in pain either! Like the other 2 days of chores I stretched the same muscle groups since the movements were pretty much the same. Mowing grass is a little different because I am pushing a mower and walking in circles. This will tighten my calves and feet. End of day 3, I did my full stretch and off to bed to get ready for work on Monday. Yes I did all that for fun!

You can do the same with little to no pain but you have to consistently stretch daily and prepare your body for the tasks at hand. I am sure you have heard of people that baseball fit, football fit, or basketball fit. What that means is you are prepared correctly for that sport, but it doesn’t mean you are ready physically for a different sport. We, homeowners, need to be household chore fit. Are you in shape to do your household chores? When you are not exhausted or fear the pain from doing the chores, the chores can be fun. To learn more, go to my YouTube channel, The Muscle Repair Shop, or my website,http://www.MuscleRepairShop.com and see the videos for help. You can contact me for advice too.